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Who We Are
Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, Inc. (KCSB) is a volunteer-based community action/ education organization and certified affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. KCSB forms public-private partnerships with local governments, businesses, educators, non-profits and neighborhood organizations to develop a variety of programs that engage individuals to take greater responsibility for improving our community's environment.
Our Mission
To elevate the spirit and improve lives through the care and beautification of Colorado Springs.
Our Guiding Principles
People First: We are committed to improving the quality of life for our citizens through education, volunteerism, community service and skill development.
Education: Helping citizens of all ages understand the environmental challenges and beautification benefits is the key to encouraging positive behaviors toward community improvement.

Individual Responsibility: Change and improvement in life all begins with personal responsibility, and we help individuals find ways to become more engaged as citizens and stewards of the environment.

Public-Private Partnerships: Community alliances are essential to achieve sustainable community improvement and foster civic pride.

Volunteer Action: Volunteers are the key to our existence and allow us to extend the reach of our education and multiply the impact of our actions.
Our Focus
Litter Prevention & Removal: A clean community can discourage littering and improve community appearance and quality of life. We help the community understand the impact of littering and how they can make a big difference through simple personal choices. 
Waste Reduction & Recycling: Each person chooses what products to buy and use and how they are going to dispose of products and packaging when finished with it. We educate citizens about how to reduce their environmental footprint through waste reduction and recycling. 
Beautification & Greening: Communities, like people, get one chance to make a good first impression. Keeping our roadsides, vacant lots, medians and parks clean & green improves the quality of life for residents. A beautiful city also make a positive impression on visitors and those considering relocation to our region.
Homeless Citizen Outreach & Support: We provide people with resources to find temporary and permanent shelter, obtain job skills and give back to the community.
Our Legal Structure
KCSB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are independent of the City of Colorado Springs, but do a specifically defined scope of work for the City through an annually renewed contract.

Calendar of Events


Labor Day Lift Off - Sat., 9/2 - Mon., 9/4/23

Fallen Firefighters Practice - Fri., 9/15/23

Fallen Firefighters Memorial - Sat., 9/16/23







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