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All volunteers are valued - so much so that we can barely put into words how grateful we are for the support they give. But we'll try! Below are stories of volunteers who have gone "above and beyond"!
Dennis "Denny" McCormack
Denny has worked as a volunteer with KCSB since 2009,  directing volunteers and hauling TONS of trash out of the former tent city areas. Even though the huge cleanup and restoration has been completed, he continues to work with us during our ongoing camp cleanups. Many times he brings his grandchildren who also work hard cleaning up and restoring our precious open space in Colorado Springs. 
His awesome sense of humor, wisdom and dedication are just a few traits that make Denny a treasured volunteer. Denny's son is CSPD Homeless Outreach Team (H.O.T.) Officer Dan McCormack who serves as an advisor to the KCSB Board of Directors.
Thank you Denny for everything you have done and continue to do for our community!
Debbie Gregory
One day KCSB Executive Director, Dee Cunningham, was driving a large truck, loaded like the Grinch’s sleigh, over a tiny bridge. There on the other side was a woman leaning into a trash can. Dee was curious to know why she was there and worried that she was homeless and looking for food. The two women started chatting, and Dee discovered a kindred spirit. This woman was picking up the trash on the trails, recycling what she could and visiting the tent campers to see how she could help. 
Dee asked if Debbie was interested in volunteering with KCSB, because that is what we do and we could sure use her help.
Debbie started volunteering right away. She hauls glass, metal and plastic collected during camp and road cleanups to the recycle center.  She reaches out to many campers along the way, offering help and hope. She also helps with our juvenile girls, transporting them and giving them an excellent example to look up to.
Such tremendous generosity from a woman who had just overcome a huge hurdle in her own life.  
Thank you, Debbie, for everything you have done and continue to do for our community!
Former Tent Campers
Generally, homeless people are thought of as lazy and that they don’t care about their community. Our experience is quite different.  
KCSB would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks who lived in “Tent City”.   They worked side by side with KCSB staff and volunteers to clean and restore the trails, clean roads and work at community events. Lazy? That has not been our experience. 
This thank you is directed to everyone who worked with us and is dedicated to”Campfire” Kenny. You did an awesome job for us, we miss you terribly and we wish you eternal peace. May your spirit soar on the wings of an eagle.




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