Thomas the Highway Kitty


Thomas is definitely the most wonderful “find” KCSB has ever had on any cleanup. 
Thomas the Highway Kitty at HomeOne chilly day in the Fall of 2010, Dee Cunningham, Executive Director, had a work crew on I-25. Glen Richardson, Crew Manager, had 10 volunteers walking along the right of way picking up trash. Dee was driving the van along side the volunteers when she saw something black and fluffy curled around a light pole…very close to the road. Glen saw it at the same time and stopped the volunteers. They both knew it was a cat but didn’t know if it was deceased or terribly hurt.
Glen loves cats and approached it very carefully so it would not run into the road. He picked up the huge black ball of fluff that was covered in road rash and a bit bloody, but alive. He put the cat into the van with all of our volunteers and off we went to the Humane Society. 
Now….how are we going to get the cat out of the van and into the shelter? Everyone got out and Glen double covered his arms and put on his work gloves expecting one mad kitty. He reached in and the cat just went with him. No fight at all. Inside the Shelter Glen put the cat into a crate and he started to purr and rub on the cage. He looked into Dee’s eyes and that was it! Love.
Dee kept saying that she already had three cats at home and she didn’t think she could help this one, but left her number to get a report on how he was. 
A wonderful volunteer Kris called Dee to let her know that the Kitty was not hurt badly, was about 5 years old, was neutered and had lots of road rash and a broken tooth. 
Kris did a wonderful job of telling Dee what a great Kitty he is and how loving he is. After a few days Dee went to the Shelter to visit him and he told her his name is Thomas. The technician allowed Dee to open the cage and Thomas crawled up on her…Kris made it possible for Dee to have Thomas. Thank you so much to Kris.  
Thomas had to stay in the hospital a few more days and then went home with Dee. After 8 long weeks of being sick and recovering from his wounds Dee opened the door to Thomas’ quarantine room.   He walked out to discover his new kitty brother and sisters. No fighting, no fear…he fit in just like he was supposed to be there.
Everyone thought that Thomas would be an escape artist but as you can see from his photos he is quite happy in his home.
He is a huge lovely boy who is the best “find” ever!
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